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2019 CRESLI/Viking Fleet whale watching

Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

JUly 03 - AUGUST 28

depart the dock at 2:00 PM and return at 7:00 PM

fin whales SSE of Montauk Point, July 2014

Join the crew with over 30 years of whale watching experience. Come away with geat memories, great photos and videos, and an education about whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and marine life that is second-to-none.

  • 2019 - 92.86% success (13 out of 14 trips)

  • We have 97.22% success since July 2017 (35 out of 36 trips)!

  • since 7/7/13 through 7/28/19 we've found cetaceans on 77 out of 81 trips (95.06% success).

  • Since 2009 we have had 92.41% success rate in finding cetcaceans (134 out of 145)

  • The Viking Fleet and CRESLI are offering special family friendly marine cruises focusing on the sights of the ocean! Enjoy a day on the water with your family looking for whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sea birds and sunfish. Along the way you can view the Montauk lighthouse and all the landmarks of the east end.

  • A qualified naturalist / marine biologist will narrate the tour and answer all of your questions!

  • The Viking boats are equipped with clean restrooms, comfortable seating and full galleys onboard. We recommend reservations. You can either do so by phone (631-668-5700) or

  • The trips will depart the dock at 2:00 PM and return at 7:00 PM

  • The fare for these trips is $75 for adults, $49 for children 5-12y/o, FREE for Children under 5y/o


Whale Watching Sightings

Make Reservations (Highly Recommended)


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Pelagic birds


other biota

~70 short-beaked common dolphins

1 Basking shark
1 Ocean sunfish
25 Wilson's storm petrels
15 Great shearwaters
2 Manx shearwaters
1 Sooty sheawater
1 Cory's shearwater
12 Minke whales

2 humpback whales

1 Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle
1 ocean sunfish
1 Finback whale

1 ocean sunfish
20 Wilson's storm petrels
1 Great shearwater
2Cory's shearwaters
1 Minke whale

4 Cory's Shearwaters
4 Great Shearwaters
10 Wilson's Storm Petrels
4 Humpback whales

1 blue shark
1 ocean sunfish
2 Wilson's Storm Petrels
1 shark
1 ocean sunfish
11 Wilson's Storm Petrels
5 bottlenose dolphins
3 finback whales

2 Great shearwaters
4 Cory's shearwaters
1 Sooty shearwater
12 Wilson's storm petrels
1 humpback whale

Herring Gulls
Great Black-backed Gulls
Common terns
~30 plovers (unknown species) in 2 groups flying southwest about 2 miles from shore
115 bottlenose dolphins
3 humpback whales

2 Great shearwaters
25 Cory's shearwaters
12 Wilson's storm petrels
1 immature Northern gannet
15 bottlenose dolphins
1 Minke whale
1 Finback whale

1 Ocean sunfish
5 Wilson's storm petrels
30 Common Terns
20 Great Black-Backed Gulls
10 Bottlenose Dolphins
1 Humpback Whale

1 Ocean Sunfish
3 Wilson Storm Petrels
1 Great Shearwater
Common Terns
Great Black-Backed Gulls
Herring Gulls
3 Humpback Whales
15 Bottlenose Dolphins
1 Minke Whale
5 Wilson's Storm Petrels
2 Minke Whales
1 Finback Whale
5 Humpback Whales

5 Wilson’s Storm Petrels
1 Immature Northern Gannet
2 Minke Whales
2 Humpback Whales

2 Great Shearwaters
1 mature Northern Gannet

Humpbadk near the vessel

Departure: 2:00 pm
Return: 7:00 pm
Fares for 2018

Adults: $75
Children: (5 - 12 years): $49

Make Reservations (Highly Recommended)

Things you might want to bring on a whale watch

All sighting reports and photographs

interactive map and directions to the Viking Landing in Montauk Harbor.

How can you help CRESLI?

While on board the whale watch, talk to the CRESLI biologists and volunteers about how you can help support CRESLI. You'll see a donation bucket, feel free to fill it with you fully tax-deductible donation.

To get an idea of the organisms that you might encounter, click here to visit CRESLI's checklist.

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