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Index of other organizations

The following list of organizations has been provided for anyone interested in more information on the environment, marine mammals and sea turtles. If you know of any pertinent links, please let us know about them by clicking here.

Web Directories and Information Resources

Directory Science
E Magazine
EcoNet's Environmental Education Directory
Environmental Organizations Web Directory
NOAA Central Library

Birds (including sea birds)

Birding in New York
New England Seabirds and Pelagic Birding
LI Birding
Marine Ornithology
Ocean Wanderers - Angus Wilson's Bird Identification Resource
WhatBird identify birds: bird identification guide north America
Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching


Allied Whale
American Cetacean Society
Cetacean Behavior Laboratory Home Page
Cetacean Society International
Gotham Whale
International Whaling Commission
Mother Load of Whale Links
North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sperm Whale Catalogue
NOAA Fisheries Cetacean Information
Resolutions of the International Whaling Commission
Whale Watcher Expert System
Whale Conservation Institute

Environmental and Conservation Groups

American Society of International Law: Wildlife Interest Group
Center for Marine Conservation
Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy
National Audubon Society
National Coalition for Marine Conservation
Seatuck Environmental Association
Sierra Club-New York City Group Home Page
Sierra Club-Long Island Home Page
The Nature Conservancy
Wildlife Conservation Society
Worldwatch Home Page
World Resources Institute

Ecology and Conservation Biology

Caribbean Conservation Corporation/Sea Turtle Survival League
CERC Home Page
Conservation Ecology
Ecological Society of America
Endangered Species International
IUCN Species Survival Commission
IUCN Redlist of Threatened Species
US Fish and Wildlife Service
World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Environmental Sites

Earth Trends: The Environmental Information Portal (WRI)
Global Change Home Page
Harvard Environmental Resources On-Line
US Environmental Protection Agency
The EPA's Global Warming Web Site
The State of the Nation's Ecosystems (2002)
The Waterkeeper Alliance

Long Island and the New York Bight

American Littoral Society (Northeast Chapter)
Amphibians and Reptiles of Long Island, Staten Island and Manhattan
Atlantic Marine Conservation Society
Blue York
Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum
Group for the South Fork
Hike Long Island
I Love Long Island
Long Island Lighthouses
Nature and Wildlife Photographers of Long Island
New York Sea Grant
The New York Whale and Dolphin Action League
North Fork Environmental Council
Save the Great South Bay
South Shore estuary Reserve
The Hudson River/New York Bight Ecosystem Team
The Long Island Sound Study: Online
Long Island Nature
The Nature Conservancy (NY)
The New York Aquarium at Coney Island
The NY/NJ Harbor Estuary Program
The NY Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Stranding Program
The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation

Marine Biology and Fisheries

Ecological Effects of Fishing
Fish Information Service (FINS) Index
Fish Base: A global information system on fishes
Internet Guide to International fishing Law
Marine Biology Web-SUNYSB
Mote Marine Laboratory
Neogene Marine Biota of Tropical America (NMITA)
Oceanic - The Ocean Information Center
UNESCO-Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission

Marine Education and Data Portals

Bridge: Ocean Sciences Education Teacher Resource Center
National Marine Educators Association
New York State Marine Educators Association
New York Marine Sciences Consortium
Marine Sciences Portal (eSeFDee)
Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal (MARCO Portal)
Ocean Biogeographic Information System
OBIS-SEAMAP: Ocean Biogeographic Information System Spatial Ecological Analysis of Megavertebrate Populations
UNESCO Ocean Portal
Ocean Planning in the Northeast

Marine Mammals - General

International Marine Mammal Association Inc.
Marine Mammal Protection Act
Marine Mammal Resource List
MARMAM: Marine Mammals Research and Conservation Discussion
Marine Mammal Vocalizations
NOAA Fisheries (formerly NMFS)
NOAA Fisheries Office of Protected Resources
NOAA Fisheries MMPA Bulletin
National Marine Mammals Laboratory
National Marine Mammals Laboratory Education Site
National Marine Mammal Laboratory Library
Strategies for Pursuing a Career in Marine Mammal Science (from the Society for Marine Mammalogy)
The Society for Marine Mammalogy
The Marine Mammal Standing Center, Brigantine NJ

Nature and Wildlife Photography

Nature and Wildlife Photographers of Long Island

Oceanographic Data and Maps

Map Machine: National Geographic Society
National Geophysical Data Center
NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center
Northern Gulf Stream: Sea Surface Temperature Maps
Rutgers: Marine Remote Sensing Lab
SeaWIFS Project
Ocean Biogeographic Information System Spatial Ecological Analysis of Megavertebrate Populations


NOAA Fisheries Pinniped Information
Seal Conservation Society

Sea Turtles

Caribbean Conservation Corporation
Marine Turtle Newsletter
NOAA Fisheries Office of Protected Resources: Sea Turtle Information
Sea Turtle Restoration Project
Turtle Traxx
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