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These documents may be printed for educational and scientific purposes.

Below is a list of CRESLI documents that are available as printable pdf (portable document format) files.

Viewing these documents requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, available by clicking here:

To access documents, click on the links below, note that these are large files

Here are some other important documents that might be of interest:

  1. Ecological Effects of Fishing in the Marine Ecosystems of the United States (Pew Ocean Commission Report, 2002)

  2. NOAA- NMFS Whale Watching Guidelines for the NE Region

  3. Fin whale and Sei whale draft recovery plan

  4. Report of the Right Whale Workshop

  5. Audubon Seafood Guide

  6. Blue Ocean Institute Seafood Guide

  7. Monterey Aquarium Seafood Guide for the Northeast

  8. Fish Stocks at Risk of Extinction in North America

  9. Report of the Workshop on the Causes of Reproductive Failure in North Atlantic Right Whales: New Avenues of Research. A new publication was posted recently: Northeast Fisheries Science Center Reference Document 01-16 - By Randall R. Reeves, Rosalind Rolland, and Phillip J. Clapham (eds.). Posted on the web November 26, 2001.

  10. Bahamas Beaked Whale Report: Interim Findings on the Stranding of Beaked Whales in the Bahamas - December 20, 2001 released by NOAA Fisheries and the U.S. Navy (large PDF file 1.57 Mb; 66 pages)

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